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488 new-business enquiries at an average cost of £47.
new-business enquiries
average cost per enquiry
clicks to dedicated landing pages

The Client

Royale is a nationwide provider of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning solutions. Located in the Thames Valley, the company has been a leader in the UK’s HVAC industry for over thirty years.

The Strategy

Royale chose Showcase to build a cost-effective awareness and lead generation campaign to drive new-business sales enquiries.

The Creative

Our first task was to research the market and understand how users searched for commercial HVAC services online. We created thirty dedicated landing pages for each of Royale’s services in each of the key locations they serve.

The Win

With the dedicated campaign landing pages in place, a Google search ads campaign was launched alongside a remarketing campaign targeting site visitors who did not convert on their first visit. The campaigns generated 7,600 clicks and 488 new enquires for the client at a cost of £47 per enquiry.

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