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Fissara Software

Full-strategy marketing support for leading UK software company.
14 m
viewable campaign impressions
site visits from campaign
print campaign views

The Client

Fissara Software enables companies to manage their on-the-road staff, jobs and vehicles more efficiently. The software includes a dedicated mobile and desktop app.

The Strategy

Showcase was picked to deliver a full-strategy marketing framework, building on the work already done by Fissara to build relationships in the property, waste and transport sectors.

The Creative

A full spectrum of channels were used to amplify Fissara’s presence both on and offline, with search, print advertising, banner ads, LinkedIn, and HubSpot all being used to generate awareness and nurture prospects. Showcase created a new website home page, product visuals, sales material, landing pages, and various other collateral to support the campaign.

The Win

To date, the campaign has generated 14m viewable impressions and 19,000 visits to the website from online channels. Print campaigns have generated a further estimated 14,000 views (based on average monthly circulation numbers). Inbound enquiries and demo requests have increased as a result.

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